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Obama's administration is considering sending about 500 additional forces to Iraq, with many of them focused on training Iraqi troops. It's not clear how many of those troops would be used to help train Iraqi forces or be used for other purposes, such as security, air support or medical help. 1:03 UK Troops Training Kurdish Forces in Iraq - BBC News UK Troops Training Kurdish Forces

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snuggly and compactly against the wall of your deck, patio or house, in a fine green that blends in well with your lawn or garden. This water barrel is child-safe and comes with a snug filter and lid, as well as overflow tube and linking kit for additional barrels in your rainwater chment system. Measuring 24

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performance and handling, with the all-in base price coming in at around $45,000. For $14,995, Shelby will tune your Mustang to Buyers Getting $3,000 Gas Card Those looking for ways to fight against the recent rise in gas prices might want to consider a 2012 Honda Civic,

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electric boat motors , the company announced Wednesday. The four new models for 2012 with prices below $5,000. Its production team has doubled