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20 Feb 2018 Here are some of the all-time most useful hand tools for demolition. nails or as a lever to force apart objects, such as when you're rebuilding a deck. This demo fork from Honey Badger has fangs at the end that you can slide as removing and fixing electrical outlets or removing a damaged floor board.

Deck Demon 45" Commercial Grade Wrecking Bar at Menards

The 45-inch length lets you work from a standing position to remove deck boards and fasteners with minimal effort. The heavy-duty forged steel head pivots on

How to Demolish a Wood Deck

27 Aug 2018 But if your wood deck is looking a little worse-for-wear, it may be time to tear it down. Getting rid of a worn How to Demo Your Deck, Step-by-Step. Step 1. Know What Tools and Safety Equipment to Demolish a Deck. Tools.

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13 Mar 2015 Boards are removed faster, cleaner and with less effort. Bull Bar— the newest innovation in the Crescent line of demolition and renovation tools. A Deck How To Demo A Wooden Deck Demolishing A Wood Deck How To

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This demo tool is great for flooring, deck board, and roof sheathing removal. This 60 inch pry bar allows the user to retain an almost vertical stance when using. Our

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duckbill deck board removal tool - check this out now check out duckbill deck demo-dek deck removal tool - - made in the usa, demo-dek by

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26 Jun 2019 Here's your 7 step guide on how to demo your deck. apart than screwed on boards, but having the right tools on-hand will take care of both.

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Unlike similar tools, the innovative 180 indexing head changes positions, allowing the Specifically designed for removing deck boards, wood siding and pallet

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Demo-Dek Deck Removal Remove Deck and Floor Boards DemoDek by Greentek. April 2020. It works very well. I'm 60, but I had my 25 year old son in

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The user can stand on the existing decking when using the tool. · The Demo-Dek's sturdy steel jaw is sized to fit standard decking. · The jaw holds onto the board

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Demo-Dek by GreenTek Tools is the fastest and easiest deck removal tool on the market. Designed for maximum efficiency to remove multiple deck boards in

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Remove deck planks of varying sizes fastened with nails or screws. Twist off an entire board with one easy motion. See more product details.

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13 Aug 2012 Demo Tools. Almost every project we do involves some kind of demolition, from tearing off an entire deck to removing deck boards and railings

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Board Bender Deck Tool is ideal for strhtening decking and joists, and frees i own 2 fat max ripping bars and do alot of demo they are super strong and as

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TOOLS · A worm drive or circular saw is best for deck boards · Electric chain saws or reciprocal saws work well for joists · Demo Hammers are recommended for

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Remove deck planks of varying sizes fastened with nails or screws. Twist off an entire board with one easy motion. See more product details

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Comes with a powder coated finish makes the tool resistant to corrosion. With the uniquely designed Deck Wrecker, you can remove decking boards without

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Demo-Dek. $149.99 $119.99. Deck Removal Tool by GreenTek Tools Pull up decking simply and safely in a fraction of the time, while cutting costs and boosting

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On elevated decks , do not exceed the level of your expertise; deck lumber is heavy and An electric chainsaw is the best tool for cutting through joists . The Hilti Breaker and the Bosch 20 Pound demo hammer were just right for this task.

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COST: Free; TIME: 4 – 24 hours; TOOLS: hammer, pry bar, drill, ratchet and sockets, Start by removing all railings and stairs, then move on to the deck boards.

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Contractor Wood Decking 56 Inch Tool Honey Badger Wrecking Bar Demolition Fork. Get ready to be wowed by the amount of demo and wrecking work you'll

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Get the best deals on Deck Board Tools when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items Browse your favorite brands

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12 Jan 2015 It doesn't matter if the boards are screwed or nailed; the Demo-Dek rips all of them up quite easily. I've used the tool with different board

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4 Sep 2018 Deck board removal tool uses leverage to pry boards easily from floor joists. Slides under the board, straddles a single joist and lifts the board

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11 May 2020 CAMO has launched the Lever - which bends, strhtens, and aligns your boards - speeding up decking installation with wood, PVC, and

Wrecking Claw 45" Wrecking Bar at Menards

Designed for rapid removal of deck boards, the Wrecking Claw cuts your demolition time in half. Great for other demolition projects too. Brand Name: Angel-Guard

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Its claws are long enough to remove angled boards. Its oversized Deck demolition tool; One piece forged tool; 51" up-right design; Oversized striking surface

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If you've ever tried to remove old deck boards with a pry bar and hammer you I highly recommend this product if you have a large or even a small deck to demo." it's the best tool of this kind he's seen for removing old boards from a deck.

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There's no kit you can buy from your supplier that says “deck builder's tools.” But there The best way to strike a level line for ledger boards, bar none. Dots are Skil's toothy “Ugly” blade actually saves time over regular demo blades. Slider.

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In the market for a deck board removal tool Deckwrecker, Duckbill, Wrecking DemoDek, you won't find any better demo tool then this one.